Ballinamore's Energy Action

Ballinamore fights climate change

Ballinamore is on its way to becoming a Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)! On 30th October, a meeting of Ballinamore citizens interested in the transition of the town to a low carbon economy agreed to form an Energy Group and to start working with SEAI and a mentor to create an Energy Masterplan for the town. […]

Mohill students take climate action

GEAI (Good Energies Alliance Ireland) is currently organising three Climate Action days for Transition Year students in Mohill Community College.  This initiative is facilitated by our EVS volunteers who are proving to be a big hit with the students! For the first day in the school on October 23rd, the aim was that students would […]

Sustainable Development Goals March

Celebrating the 17 Global SDGs

Tuesday, 25th September, GEAI’s team and volunteers went to Dublin to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The United Nations General Assembly set the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (or SDGs) in 2015. These 17 goals are a universal plan of action for the world to achieve by […]

Day by day with GEAI

Volunteers with their Halloween pumpkin

Irish Halloween for our EVS volunteers

  Halloween is an important part of the Irish culture as it is an original Irish festival, marking the time when the bright summer and autumn moves into the darkness of winter. We, the EVS volunteers, were delighted to enjoy Halloween this year!   Over the past few weeks, we saw the shops and houses […]

The Belarusians are coming!

Our Advanced Planned Visit started on Wednesday November 7th 2018, when Del picked us up from the airport. Two of us came on an APV: me, Sasha, a volunteer whose year-long EVS project was about to start, and Alisa, volunteer coordinator of Fialta, my sending organization. The first thing Alisa did was to get into […]

Local News

Mohill students in the Organic Centre

GEAI (Good Energies Alliance Ireland) recently organised Climate Action days for Transition Year students of Mohill Community College. The Organic Centre in Rossinver was final venue of our Climate Action Days in 2018. Tom O’Rourke, manager of the Organic Centre, showed us around. They have a history of more than 20 years of organic gardening here […]

Climate Action Day 2 in Mohill

GEAI (Good Energies Alliance Ireland) is currently running Climate Action days for Transition Year students in Mohill Community College.  This activity is lead by our team of EVS volunteers. On November 20th we met again for the second Climate Action day. The aim of this session was to take a closer look at the actual […]

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