Climate Change – Threat or Opportunity?

Climate Change – a historical landmark? Climate change is undeniably one of the hottest topics of today. It is widely seen as a major threat to the future of humanity and the planet. However, if we look at it from a different perspective, it can also be a historical landmark. Climate change presents an opportunity […]


Is Carbon Tax a solution for our emissions problems?

What is Carbon Tax? A carbon tax is a form of carbon pricing by taxing fuels that contain carbon. Every hydrocarbon fuel (coal, petroleum, and natural gas) contains carbon which is released as carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, once these fuels are burned. A number of countries have implemented carbon […]

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Victory! GEAI welcomes passing of anti-fracking Bill

GEAI’s Finest Hour Last Thursday, history was made in Ireland!  A Bill to prohibit exploration and extraction of Petroleum from shale, tight sands and coal seams was brought before the members of the Oireachtas who unanimously supported the Bill and agreed to bring it to the next stage (the committee stage) of the process towards […]

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Water Cycle: Learning & fun!

On Wednesday 18th January, the EVS volunteers organised a Water Cycle learning activity in Youth Café Drumshanbo. It was a fantastic opportunity to find out what the group of kids between 10-12 years old knew about it. An incomplete drawing The activity consisted in an incomplete water cycle drawing which they had to finish.  They […]


We still remember Christmas

Our EVS volunteers, Kate and Andrea, experienced Christmas time in different locations: Leitrim and Vigo (Spain). Christmas holiday in Leitrim Christmas is over but this magic time full of lights, Christmas trees, decorations, gifts is still in our memory. What does Christmas  look like in  rural Leitrim? Kate spent Christmas with a Ballinaglera family  and […]

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It has been almost a month since we, the new EVS volunteers, arrived in Leitrim to work with GEAI. This week we attended some cultural events in Carrick-on-Shannon and Ballinaglera – great experiences! On Thursday 4th October we enjoyed a concert at The Dock Arts Centre: Caitlin and Ciaran with special guest Siobhan O Donnell! […]



GEAI has won 3rd Prize in a national competition, “Pay It Forward”, to publicise 20 years of the European Voluntary Service programme.  Three young EVS volunteers, together with a young local film-maker, Barry Gilmartin, made a really excellent short video to show the world what life is like for volunteers in County Leitrim and the […]

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