About Submissions

Information* on making submissions on the proposed Terms of Reference for EPA /DCENR /NIEA Research Programme on Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Gas Exploration and Extraction

Download a submission template as a Word document [doc]

What is a submission?
A submission is written comments/observations on a document or issue where a public consultation process is taking place and submissions are invited.  It can be as long or as short as you wish.
How can I make a submission?
You can make a submission on the proposed Terms of Reference in writing and email it to UGEEconsultation@epa.ie
Who can make a submission?
Anyone can make a submission on the proposed Terms of Reference.
When can I make one?
Submissions on the proposed Terms of Reference can be made between January and 8th March 2013.  The deadline for submissions is 8th March.
It is important to lodge your submission as early as possible, as late submissions cannot be considered.  All submissions are acknowledged in writing.
Withdrawal of a Submission
A submission may be withdrawn at any time prior to it being considered by the Steering Committee.
Can I see other people’s submissions?
All valid submissions will be made available upon request (individuals who wish to remain anonymous should note this point when making their submission).
What happens after 8th March?
After the consultation period closes, a sub-group of the Steering Committee will assess all valid submissions and take them into account when finalising Terms of Reference for the research programme. (Quote from EPA)
How will I know what the EPA’s decision is?
The final Terms of Reference will be published on the EPA website.
Additional points
  • Keep your submissions simple. Take one topic at a time and focus on that.
  • Remember that you can make as many submissions as you want.
  • Get your friends and colleagues to make submissions as well. It is vitally important that as many people as possible make their views known.
  • This is an opportunity to put pressure on the EPA to extend the areas of research proposed. The more comprehensive the research, the more difficult it would be to conclude that shale gas could be exploited without unacceptable risk to human health and to the environment. Many people consider that a negative conclusion could help to prevent any decision to allow fracking in Ireland.
  • In particular, the research must not focus solely on hydraulic fracturing.  The impacts on air, water, land and communities are the result of the whole process, not just of one short stage, dramatic and significant as it is. Please hammer this message home.
  • Finally, it is important not to include offensive or abusive content; this would render your submission invalid.
*Taken and adapted from EPA website – www.epa.ie


  1. JJohn McCarthy says:

    I just think been a small nation why can’t we wait for another ten years have past befour we look at it because it is only happening in the majority of countries and we should study the effects and them fine a way of extracting gas instead of the way now that causes problems with our ground water

    • Aedin McLoughlin says:

      I agree totally with you, John. That would indeed be a wise approach.

      However, the process is already in place and the only decision we have is to look at the terms of reference for this new study. We are advocating a much broader scope for the study to include a Health Impact Assessment. If this is done, it certainly will delay things a few years, maybe not the 10 that you advocate, but any delay will allow more studies of the health impacts of the process and hopefully will convince the decision-makers that this technology is just not acceptable as currently practiced.

      Aedn GEAI

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