Fracking requires a minimum distance of at least 0.6 kilometres from sensitive rock strata
Professor Richard Davies, Director of Durham Energy Institute, Durham University, said: “Based on our observations, we believe that it may be prudent to adopt a minimum vertical separation distance for stimulated fracturing in shale reservoirs. Such a distance should be set by regulators; our study shows that for new exploration areas where there is no existing data, it should be significantly in excess of 0.6 km.”
This means that fracking must not be allowed in Leitrim or Fermanagh! Directly underneath the fracking zone is the Ballyshannon limestone, which is an aquifer.


  1. Aedín says:

    Surface aquifers (designated ‘locally important aquifers’) in Leitrim/Fermanagh can be found 100 metres below ground. Tamboran have indicated that they intend to frack 500 metres below the surface, which is only 400 metres below the surface aquifers, much less than the 600 metres recommended by this report.
    It is now clear that fracking in Leitrim and Fermanagh could endanger both surface and deeper aquifers. This would appear to effectively prevent fracking taking place, as contamination of aquifers contravenes EU directives.

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