Ireland is one of EU highest energy importers

Ian Britton CC BY-NC 2.0

Ian Britton CC BY-NC 2.0

Ireland imports 89% of its energy, making it one of the most energy import dependent countries in the EU, new data released by Eurostat shows. Ireland is the EU country with the fourth highest energy dependency, only Malta, Luxembourg and Cyprus higher than ourselves.  The European average is 53.2%.



Other countries of similar size to Ireland import far less and produce more energy from renewables. For example, Denmark only needs to import 12% of the energy that it consumes.  This small Scandinavian produces and exports oil and natural gas but it is also a European leader on renewable energy, producing almost the same amount of electricity from wind energy as from coal, and more heating from biomass than from coal. The Danish Goverment aims to supply 100% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2050.

Eurostat released yesterday the new statistics about energy consumption in the EU, which show that the EU consumes the same amount energy as in the early 1990s. The peak was reached in 2006 and since then energy consumption has fallen by 9.1% in Europe, and 11% in Ireland. The two main reasons are the economic downturn (very severe in countries like Ireland) and also energy efficiency measures.



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