Wind Energy – GEAI Position Paper

By John Arnold

By John Arnold

Good Energies Alliance Ireland supports wind energy, but not as it has being implemented in Ireland up to now. The main conclusion is of our paper position paper is:

“The development of wind energy is an essential part of the decarbonisation of energy production in Ireland but such developments must have genuine benefits for and buy-in from the Irish people “

This publication is the result of months of research by our EVS volunteer Irina Tiugan. It analyses arguments and counter-arguments concerning Ireland’s planning process and extent of public consultation, the impact of intermittency on wind energy efficiency, and environmental concerns. It also describes case studies from Scotland, France and Germany and draws conclusions from them.

“With this Position Paper we want to contribute to a scientific-based debate around wind energy in Ireland, as well as to help in building a more sustainable and fair country”, Irina said.

Feel free to download and share our position paper. And come back to us with your feedback in our email, website or our social media!




  1. eric de haan says:

    Thanks for the invitation to download the position paper but where is the download link ?

    • eric de haan says:

      Thanks for the fix !
      Downloaded the position paper and it mainly looks good 🙂

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