September 22: National Ploughing Championship

GEAI again had a stand this year with Irish Environmental Network at the National Ploughing Championships on Tuesday 22nd September, a good occasion to publicise our campaign against Fracking and our promotion of Renewable Energies.  Three of us volunteers – Olga, Alice and Cedric were part of the GEAI team

The 3D model of Manorhamilton area was the main attraction

The 3D model of Manorhamilton area was an attraction

For Ireland this was the perfect occasion to show the very best of food, farming and culture. Casseroles, tires, candies, pipes, trees, meat, etc. The list of what you can see in National Ploughing Championships is long. People from all counties went there to enjoy good time with family or with friends. But, it can be also a perfect occasion for a good deal. Indeed, is a very good place, as a company, to show your merchandise or innovations and for the visitors because you can find everything in one place, from food to tractors and the stands are more impressive every year.



Like last year, GEAI was present for the event. The NGO shared a tent with the Environmental Pillar and the team was ready to offer information to our visitors, of all ages. It was great to see children interested and students taking serious their courses and trying to find out more information.

GEAI team

GEAI team

Last year, National Ploughing Championships attracted a record 279,500 visitors. As the flow of traffic from the car parks left this evening on the final day of the 2015 Ploughing Championships, the total attendance figure came to a record breaking 281,00 over the 3 days. This marks the most successful National Ploughing Championships in history.


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