15th of February: My Birthday in Ireland

Recently was my birthday (Alice) and as I always do, I went visiting a new place but leaving my colleagues with the promise that we will cook and celebrate together when I am back.

Yes…we all like cooking!

But as I would be used from my home country on my birthday I would do something for my guests but on Monday morning I saw that people are acting a bit weird at the office….then some movements…Olga buying garlic bread…then going in and out the office…something is happening, they are plotting!!

And a smell is coming from the kitchen…

Lunch time arrived and there was it: Veggie lasagna! And garlic bread!

So I found out that in Ireland people do prepare something for the birthday person, in my case this adorable lunch, the lasagna was so delicious that I had to have seconds. They should have warn me there is more to come…Cédric made an apple cake, one of my favourite desserts!

Very nice feeling to see genuine care from my colleagues and felt a bit overwhelmed with attention.

So…next day I rewarded them with one of my best recipes: Tiramisú!

And the next day Cédric cooked quiche and Lisandra Queijada de leite …

It’s a never-ending story…should we open a restaurant??



Thank you!





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