1st March: Goodbye Irakli!

“-Irakli,  what do you want to drink?

Guinness! A pint of Guinness! ”

“-Irakli,  are you having porridge again?”


“But you had porridge already this morning!”

“I know, I know…”

There are some things that me and my colleagues will always remember about Irakli.  I say that because now he’s back home in Georgia. His EVS time with us ended and we said goodbye with a little party at the Chinese restaurant near us.  We relished exotic food and Irish stout remembering moments together and telling stories.



We had a nice and interesting time together learning from each other. For sure Irakli taught us to be more patient and that it is worthwhile to be kind and good.

He was always curious about the culture and to find out how people think.

A big fan of Guinness, he was always in the mood for going to the pub.

Among his favorite stuff was the traditional Irish black pudding and also the porridge! Maybe sometimes together…well…we all have our weirdnesses in the house and he was no exception.

We now know more about Georgia, we know that Katchapuri needs special cheese to do it properly and we recognise the good quality of Georgian wines.

We are happy that we had time together but also that he went back home happy and full of hope.  Now Irakli is settling back home and we keep in touch, eager to hear about his future plans.




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