9th March: On-Arrival Training

My experience of the EVS On-Arrival Training

For five days in Dublin, I joined 15 European Volunteers from Belgium, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia and Spain at a training organised by Léargas.

On Wednesday, after the introduction, we had the session “River of learning”, were we reflect about important learning moments and became aware of what and how we learn.

It was great to look back over my life and think about times or events where I really felt I learnt something.

Thursday, we had:

  • An expectations walk – we discussed with a random person what we wanted to get from the training, and what we don’t wanted to get from the training;
  • Poster making – we introduced our organization, share its locality, the target group, the main activities, the goal of the project and our role on the organization.
  • A mindfulness body scan
  • The workshop “Pay it Forward” – all volunteers were challenged to be a part of the competition organized by The Léargas team, to celebrate 20 years of existence of the European Voluntary Service programme (EVS).

On the following day, Friday, we had the workshop “Mind Mapping – Rights & Responsibilities of volunteers”, and the “Dublin Challenge” where we had to go to different sites and ask questions to people that we don’t know.

Saturday we did an “Empathy Walk”, which as a great opportunity to know more about each other, and a “Theatre Workshop Looking at Power and Change”. Furthermore, we had the sessions “Understanding Culture” and “Multiple Intelligence”.

On Sunday there was the opportunity to know more about Youthpass, to share our personal EVS goals, identifying the projects that we would like to develop in our organizations, why they are important for us and how to achieve them. Lastly we had a change to Network with each other, including “Places to Visit in Ireland”, “Freebies and Deals” and “Interesting/useful websites and/or events”.

It was a great opportunity to meet new people, with different backgrounds and realities and share our experiences. I found fascinating persons with very similar core values, life experiences, ambitions and dreams.

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  1. Lovely report Lisandra! Best of luck with your EVS placement and we do hope you’ll take up the EVS challenge to ‘Pay it Forward’!

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