Water Cycle: Learning & fun!


On Wednesday 18th January, the EVS volunteers organised a Water Cycle learning activity in Youth Café Drumshanbo. It was a fantastic opportunity to find out what the group of kids between 10-12 years old knew about it.

An incomplete drawing

The activity consisted in an incomplete water cycle drawing which they had to finish.  They had a minute to draw what they thought was missing and to write the key words: evaporation, condensation, precipitation…

When the time was over they passed the drawing to the kid who was sitting besides them, on their right side.  Again, they had a minute to complete their partner drawing. After that, we had a little discussion about the meaning of the key words.

Positive result

Everyone cooperated to complete the drawings. Our feeling was that they have a clear idea of what the water cycle is. It was great to develop a non formal learning activity in the water topic. We’ll come back soon!


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