The sea is rough biodiversity game!


Wednesday 1st March, Youth Café Drumshanbo gave GEAI EVS volunteers the opportunity of organising a Biodiversity activity. The idea was to play a fun game and at the same time learn about marine animals in the Irish coastline.

The game

First of all we put on a table different pictures of Irish marine animals: whale, dolphin, turtle, sea horse, seal, lobster…The group of kids were moving around the room pretending they were swimming in the Irish coast while EVS volunteers were saying: The sea is rough one, two, three…When children heard: Stop swimming in the Irish sea! they had to freeze. They couldn’t move at all and the  first  who did it, had to represent a marine animal chosen from the pictures. They used mime and sounds to do it. The others had to guess.


It was interesting to see the effort they made to represent the animal correctly. They asked different questions about their habitat, size, diet… At the end we were pleased to discover that they have learned about Irish biodiversity while they had fun. Look forward to the next activity!



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