Sharing time!

At the beginning of September, our three EVS volunteers – Ingrid from France, Bruno from Spain and Francesca, who had just arrived less than two weeks before from Italy – were invited to the house of one of GEAI’s directors, Janice, for lunch.

Janice grows organic vegetables, fruits and flowers in her garden and in her polytonal in Co. Leitrim. She went with the volunteers to pick some of her vegetables and encouraged them to go foraging as well for some apples and blackberries in order to cook lunch all together. They cooked a vegetarian curry and crumble that they happily shared together. A great way for them to get a feel of the local horticulture and a taste of the Irish hospitality!

As one of the volunteers – Ingrid – is Vegan, the whole meal was cooked plant-based. It was surprisingly easy to make a blackberry and apple crumble suitable for everyone by simply replacing the cow milk butter by a vegetable oil based butter. Very easy and tasty as well!


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