Leitrim volunteers enjoy Greece

This summer Good Energies Alliance sent 6 young volunteers from Leitrim to Xylokastro, Greece to help the local community take care of the town and prevent forest fires. They spent a month there working together with other young people from various countries within Europe.

This was made possible thanks to the EU initiative called European Solidarity Corps, which brings together people aged 18-30 from all over Europe to contribute to organisations’ daily activities and have an impact on lives of communities.

Short-term ESC volunteers with their Youthpass certificates

The last group of volunteers arrived back in Ireland recently and they gave us feedback on the impact of this project on them.

Cathal Reynolds, 18:

“Work was great, we were at the school most of the time painting and it was really fun with all the other volunteers. We were also in the forest cleaning up rubbish and on the streets cleaning too. What surprised me the most was the heat! I knew it would be hot, but not that hot 😂 and also how the long term volunteers and our mentors welcomed us. The trip definitely changed me. It helped me with my speaking because I wouldn’t usually talk to people I didn’t know“.

Dualta Mitchell, 18:

“All I could say about Greece is that I loved it. Time flew by over there and I got to meet a group of amazing people that I hope meet again some day. And I was surprised how we became great friends in such a short time. All the Greek people were so nice and the Greek lifestyle was definitely an interesting way of life. Siga Siga”

*Siga Siga (Greek) – “slowly, slowly” in the aspect of being relaxed and not stressed.

Alexandra Peralaika


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