Who we are?

logo GEAIGOOD ENERGIES ALLIANCE IRELAND (GEAI) is the only non-profit Environmental NGO in Ireland with a principal focus on Energy sources and uses.   GEAI is based in the North-West of Ireland but its remit is all-island. It is a member of the Irish Environmental Pillar and has links with environmental groups nationally and internationally. It was founded in 2011, was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in December 2012, its Directors are all volunteers and GEAI has no paid staff.

Good Energies Alliance Ireland works through research, education and advocacy to influence public opinion and decision-makers in Ireland against on-shore unconventional hydrocarbon development and towards practical policies on energy sources and uses that respect the environment, the planet and people.

Where we are?

GEAI office is in the Ballinagleragh Community Hall, Ballinagleragh, County Leitrim.


Main objectives: 
  • To use research, education and advocacy to influence public opinion and decision-makers to prohibit on-shore unconventional hydrocarbon development (fracking) in Ireland.
  • Through research and education on climate change and the impacts of different energy sources on the environment, the planet and people, to influence communities and decision-makers at all levels in Ireland (local, regional, national) to implement sustainable energy sources and uses.
  • To engage young people as volunteers, researchers and project participants to achieve our objectives.
  • To network and collaborate with other Environmental NGOs and contribute through the Environmental Pillar to national policy-making.


Through research, education and advocacy, to influence decision-makers and communities to use renewable sources of energy and to prohibit fracking in Ireland.

Our key interests:
  • Achieving a ban on fracking.
  • Promoting the use of renewable energies.
  • Achieving energy efficiency in Ireland.



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