Community Energy Project

Northwest Energy Community Start-up

SEAI-funded Northwest Energy Communities Start-up (NE-CS) Project was conducted by IT Sligo in collaboration with Good Energies Alliance Ireland between June and October 2017.
Energy surveys were carried out in six selected communities, in counties Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo, during June and July. Data collected by EVS volunteers and IT Sligo researchers was analyzed and presented to the public during a series of seminars held in September and October.


The results of the surveys were presented at Smart Energy Action events held in Carrick-on-Shannon, Drumshanbo, Ballinamore, Carrigallen (Leitrim), and Ballyshannon (Donegal), as part of the NE-CS project.  Presentations were followed by discussions on energy efficiency and the way forward for rural communities. Barriers to wind energy, solar energy and electric cars were also included in the discussion. Furthermore, priorities in making the best quality of life in the next ten years in the discussed towns and how would the chosen towns benefit if 10 million euros was invested into each of them, stimulated interesting debates.

How much are Irish household spending on energy?

Seminars were held in the six communities surveyed. Results of energy surveys were presented, including energy costs, energy emissions, main heating systems, heating controls, solid fuels, home improvements, insulation upgrades, renewable energy systems and transport.

Findings of each analysis can be found below:

Ballinamore – Smart Energy Workshop

Ballyshannon – Smart Energy Workshop

Carrick on Shannon – Smart Energy Workshop

Carrigallen – Smart Energy Workshop

Drumshanbo – Smart Energy Workshop

Grange – Smart Energy Workshop

Community Transition Roadmaps to 2025

The final output was the development of a series of Roadmaps to 2025 which aimed at providing a better understanding of household energy costs and uses. These tools can represent a important reference for the initiation of Sustainable Energy Communities (SECs) in each of the communities involved in the project.

Roadmaps of each community can be found below:

Ballinamore – Community Transition Roadmap

Ballyshannon – Community Transition Roadmap

Carrick on Shannon – Community Transition Roadmap

Carrigallen Community Transition Roadmap

Drumshanbo –  Community Transition Roadmap

Grange – Community Transition Roadmap

The events included discussions about the barriers to wind energy, solar energy and electric cars, in addition to what would be a priority in making the best quality of life in the next ten years, and how these communities might benefit if 10 million euros was invested into each of them for community energy projects.

The results of these discussions can be found here.



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