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Rathlin Basin and Rathlin Island

Rathlin Basin (pink area) and Rathlin Island (green area)

Licence PL5/10 has been granted to PR Singleton Ltd (owned by Providence, an irish based company), to explore and drill on Rathlin Island (the green area on the map below) with associated guidance notes.

For over a decade Rathlin Energy Ltd has studied the geology of Antrim and Londonderry convinced there was the potential for an indigenous energy industry based on local oil and gas.  In 2008 they drilled an oil exploration well at Ballinlea 2.5 km deep and did indeed discover oil.  Samples brought to the surface and all the geological information have been analysed and have brought encouragement, although it is not in commercial quantity.

Rathlin Energy has been granted a licence to continue their exploration. That licence (PL3-10) covers the onshore area of the coal bearing sedimentary basin, the Rathlin Basin, stretching between Ballycastle, Limavady and Ballymoney. In February 2012, Rathlin contracted and flew an aero-gravity survey to help understand the geometry of the Rathlin Basin and the geologic structures it contains. In late June, Rathlin also acquired additional seismic data in the vicinity of the existing Ballinlea well.

“When fully analysed these datasets will help determine the location for a new exploratory well, which will hopefully confirm an accumulation of oil and or possibly gas large enough to be produced and consumed locally.” (Rathlin Energy website)



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