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Each topic brings you to a page with initial reactions and invitation for discussion – each page has a section for comments .  This is an OPEN FORUM, please join in the discussions.  (We reserve the right to remove irrelevant, offensive or inappropriate comments.)
TOPIC 1 (p1) What Is Unconventional Gas Exploration and Extraction (UGEE)? [click here]
“This description of UGEE is far too narrow.  It limits the research to hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which is only a stage in the Exploration and Extraction of shale gas…”  (P1)
TOPIC 2 (p2) Key Questions [click here]
“These questions are again too narrow.  They confine the research questions to a consideration of hydraulic fracturing only…”  (P2)
TOPIC 3 (p4) Baseline Considerations – Water Contamination [click here]
“Project A1 (groundwater, surface water and associated ecosystems) focuses mainly on hydraulic fracturing and its impacts on groundwater… “
TOPIC 4 (p5) Baseline Considerations – Seismic  Impacts [click here]
“Looking at the scope of this area of research, it seems to us that this study should form part of the EIS required in applying for an Exploration Licence…”
TOPIC 5 (p6) Fracking Operations, Impacts and Mitigation Measures [click here]
“Does not encompass the impact on the environment of the life cycle of UGEE.  This is a critical flaw throughout the whole proposal for research…”
TOPIC 6 (p7) Regulatory Framework for Environmental Protection [click here]
“No mention of well-case construction and integrity, one of the main causes of gas and fluid leakages in wells…”
TOPIC 7 (general) Timeframe of Research Reports [click here]
“The work planned for this research programme is skewed in favour of the physical sciences, in particular geology and seismology, rather than other vital environmental impacts of UGEE…”

8 – OTHER TOPICS [click here]
Do you think that a topic is missing ? Have you a comment concerning the Proposed Terms of Reference or the Public Consultation process? Feel free to use this extra page to suggest another topic or make a comment.



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