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GEAI is now a Coordinating and Hosting Organisation with the Erasmus+ Programme. This is the new EU programme for Education Training Youth , and Sport  for 2014-2020. The seven year programme has a budget of €14.7 billion and will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. GEAI is involved in coordinating Youth Democracy, Youth Exchange and European Voluntary Service projects.

Good Energies Project

GEAI is the coordinator of the Good Energies project, a major project that brings young people to Ireland from all over Europe to work with us for a year as EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers.  GEAI is accredited to host four volunteers and at present is hosting Olga from Ukraine, Cedric from France, Irakli from Georgia and Alice from Romania.  During their year with us, the EVS volunteers will get experience in campaigning, website design and management, social media, networking and, of course, Irish social life and culture!






Outcomes of the Project
  • Leaders in the campaign against fracking in Ireland

GEAI is recognised as one of the leaders of the campaign against fracking in Ireland, organising major campaign initiatives, forming international partnerships and participating in national and international campaign activities.

  • Members of the Environmental Pillar

GEAI applied for and was accepted as a member of the Environmental Pillar in 2014.  This gives the GEAI committee direct access to decision-makers at national level and allows us to influence national decisions on environmental issues.

  • Leaders in awareness-raising of renewable energy sources and advocates of community-owned energy sources

GEAI is the only Irish NGO with a primary focus on energy.  We have organised awareness-raising events locally on the sources and uses of renewable energies and plans to make this work a major focus of 2016.

  • Coordinators of Erasmus+ projects, which can include hosting and sending EVS volunteers, youth exchanges, youth democracy projects and Strategic Partnership projects.

GEAI has hosted EVS volunteers since 2012, with great success.

    • GEAI in conjunction with MARDI, hosted Anais, an EVS volunteer from France from September ’12 until March ’13.
      • After Anais was Sergij  – an EVS volunteer from Ukraine from Sept ’13 to June ’14.
      • After this pilot project, GEAI decided to increase the number of EVS volunteers from one to three, so in 2014-2015 we had Irina, Olga, and Santi  from Romania, Ukraine and Spain respectively.
      • Currently (2015/2016) we are hosting another team of volunteers – Alice from Romania, Cedric from France and Irakli from Georgia
      • In 2015 GEAI also applied for a fourth volunteer and now is bringing Lisandra from Portugal to Ireland
      • Alice, Cedric, Irakli are already part of GEAI life, and now we are waiting for Lisandra, who will come to us in January 2016!


Léargas  is appointed by the Department of Education and Skills as the National Agency to manage the Erasmus+ programme in Ireland, jointly with the Higher Education Authority.  The funding for GEAI volunteers and our Youth Democracy project comes through Léargas.



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