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irina textIrina

Originally an Urban Planner, Irina joins the Good Energies Team as a researcher on Renewable Energies. Born and raised in Romania, she did a Master’s degree in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning in the Netherlands and is now with us in Ballinaglera to help in researching and promoting the use of clean energy.


olga textOlga

I’m a Ph.D. student in Architecture from Sloviansk in Ukraine and I will be working with Good Energies Alliance Ireland as a graphic web designer. My project will include developing workshops on climate change and fracking. I’m an artist and musician and look forward to working and socialising with young people in Ireland.

santi textSanti

I’m Santi, an environmental journalist from Galicia, NW of Spain. After having worked in several printed and on-line media in three different languages now I’m learning how to help an organisation like GEAI with my communication skills. I’ll be in charge of social media, press releases and this newsletter for the coming year.


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