Previous Volunteers

September 2015 – January 2016

Irakli from Georgia, Tbilisin  started his EVS project with Good Energies Alliance in September of 2015. In Georgia he worked on projects with civil society on the problems of refugees and IDPs (internally displaced population).

He ended his EVS in Ireland where he liked it very much and though people around him are really warm. Irakli says: “My life in Ireland was very funny and concentrated on the EVS .I have a lot of new friends here and it makes me really happy.”

September 2014- August 2015

212243d0-172f-4e50-92a3-480bc9951ff8Originally an Urban Planner, Irina joined the Good Energies Team as a researcher on Renewable Energies. Born and raised in Romania, she did a Master’s degree in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning in the Netherlands and she one of her main contribution to the work of GEAI was the wind paper on our view to the matter: “With this Position Paper we want to contribute to a scientific-based debate around wind energy in Ireland, as well as to help in building a more sustainable and fair country”, Irina said. You can find it here.

Irina now works in Bucharest as a Research Intern in a company that promotes responsible investment and offers consultancy to people who wish to integrate environmental, social and governance information and assessments into their investment decisions and ownership practices. She is also in an environmental NGO and coordinates volunteers at the different actions realised in and around Bucharest.


e2a2517b-8f45-4bc6-b3dc-1cae46156b1cOlga a Ph.D. student in Architecture from Sloviansk in Ukraine worked with Good Energies Alliance Ireland as a graphic web designer. Her project included developing workshops on climate change and fracking. Also, the wonderful website was developed and maintained by her! “The graphic designer  skills which I`ve got in the organization and the Irish hospitality helped me to made my mind about nearest future, so I decided to continue volunteering for GEAI for the next year, and I am also taking  a web-design course.”



cd9d5a93-901c-4591-9654-777710733ef4Santi is an environmental journalist from Galicia, NW of Spain.  After having working in several printed and on-line media in three different languages, he learned how to help an organisation like GEAI with his communication skills. He was in charge of social media, press releases and this newsletter for the year and he did a very good job! Santi is currently working in Central America as part of the Trócaire graduate programme.

Sergii: September 2013 – June 2014


Sergii came to us from Berdansk in Ukraine.  He is a Mining Engineer and has a Master’s degree specialising in drilling.  When Sergii came to Ireland, he already had four years of work experience in the oil and gas industry.  During the time that he was with GEAI, the campaign against fracking in Ireland was at its height.  His skills were very useful in our work of raising public awareness of fracking and its consequences.  He took on the updating of our website and the organisation of a major international conference in 2013.  Sergii returned to Ukraine in June 2014 and is now enlisted in the Ukrainian army.


Anais: September 2012 – March 2013     


In 2012, GEAI had the opportunity of providing work experience to a young French EVS volunteer, Anais, who was hosted by MARDI (Making a Real Difference Ireland).  MARDI has close links with GEAI and has a history of sending volunteers abroad and organising youth exchanges.  Anais spent six months working with GEAI on the “Good Energies” project, which is on-going and includes much of the background work associated with GEAI, e.g. on-line work, promotion and research.  Anais, in collaboration with GEAI members, developed our website and social media functions and helped to organise many public events organised by GEAI.  She now lives in France and works in the field of journalism.


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