There are many reasons why we are opposed to fracking in County Fermanagh, mentioned below; but in essence, the short term gain for a few should not be allowed to happen at the huge long term loss for everyone else.

See current plans for Fermanagh.


The fracking of Fermanagh cannot be done without extensive use of chemicals during the whole drilling process, not just the fracking cycle. This typically involves up to 600+ chemicals; of these chemicals, 52% cause damage to our central nervous system, 40% cause damage to our immune system & 25% cause either cancer or mutation of human DNA. Many of these effects are only apparent in the long term follow up of the local population. Radon gas, a carcinogen, will also be released by fracking at an increased level compared to the normal “background” level. Fermanagh has one of the highest radon-rich rock formations in the UK. Both the E U & USA have detailed studies in progress regarding fracking’s long term consequences and both studies are to be published in 2014.

Agriculture & Food

The risk of contamination of our farmland from either above or below ground leaks and spills will decrease the viability of many farms; indeed the perception of contamination of farm land may be enough for farmers to lose their “premium quality” rating that they have with the supermarket chains. Land [& house] prices may then fall, as has happened in other fracking areas.


Nine acre concrete pads every 2km over a large area of Fermanagh, including our Global Geopark, with associated access roads & overland pipelines speaks for itself.


The jobs created will be mostly low-tech & short term, mainly during the construction phase of the drilling pads & access roads; there is no guarantee these jobs will even go to locals. Tamboran has given a figure of 700 jobs over three counties over 20+ years; that’s 12 new jobs per county-per year; given the job losses in other sectors due to fracking’s negative effects, that is a bad return for our workers.


The famous Lough Melvin [& other waterways] are within the drainage area of the planned fracking sites; again contamination, real or perceived, could ruin this valuable national asset.

Air & Water quality

These will be affected by the sudden and widespread industrialisation of a previous rural area. 24/7 noise, visual impact, excessive traffic congestion & road damage will lead to a serious deterioration in the quality of life for the people living here. Put simply; life in Fermanagh will become noisy, dusty, smelly & unpleasant in huge swathes of our previously lovely County.

Greenhouse gas [GHG] emmissions

Shale gas, being mostly methane, is a more damaging GHG than carbon dioxide, & as such any increase use of fossil fuels will break the government’s own target of reducing GHG to below our 1990 levels.

Fermanagh is known for its clean air, clean water & unspoilt landscape, let’s keep it that way; these aspects of our County benefit us all greatly in so many ways, including financially. Please help to stop the fracking of Fermanagh.



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