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From its start, Good Energies Alliance Ireland sought to forge links with other organisations that work in the area of the environment and, particularly, organisations active in the campaign against fracking.

As GEAI grew, its attention turned towards the looming crisis of climate change and what it means to Ireland.  Fracking, as an energy source, is relevant in this context as difficult choices must be made globally if we are to restrict global warming to 20C.  Ireland must join in this discussion and it is appropriate that GEAI plays its part.

Our alliances, therefore, are organisations with which we have links and who have common aims.  We keep in contact and support each other, thus strengthening each other.

“Ar scáil a chéile a mhaireann na daoine.”

(“We live in the shadow of each other”)

Anti fracking partners and groups on line in the UK&I

Thanks to Lorraine, from Frack Off, we share this comprehensive data base with all the anti fracking organisations and Facebook groups.

Frack Free Groups – Online


Partners and friends of Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI):


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