GEAI Membership Policy

Membership is now open to people who agree with GEAI aims and objectives (see section “About us”) and wish to support our activities.  If you are interested, please fill in our Membership Form [CLICK HERE] and email it back to us at

The following describes our structure and the various ways in which people can be involved in GEAI

1. Directors

GEAI is a Company Limited by Guarantee, has a Board of Directors and eight unpaid Directors. These are: Eddie Mitchell, Olivia Mitchell, Aedín McLoughlin, Miriam Hennessy, Isabelle Leonard, Lucy Maunsel, Janice Raine Conick and Brigitta Varadi.

The duties of the Directors include making sure that accounts are audited annually and all information required by the Companies Office is submitted on time.

They are each responsible for ensuring:
• That the Company does not trade recklessly
• That the policy and activities of the Company are in alignment with the Memorandum and Articles of Association
• That the procedures outlined in the Articles are adhered to, including procedures relating to their own governance (AGM, appointment of Directors, etc.)
• That accounts are kept in accordance with the GEAI Financial Statement
• That an auditor is appointed annually and that audited accounts are presented annually to the relevant authorities
• That an Annual Report is presented to the members at the AGM.

2. Executive committee

• Executive Committee is made up of the Company Directors and other ordinary members. The number of members on the Executive Committee may be changed at an AGM.
• Directors are automatically members of the Executive Committee. Other members of the Executive Committee are elected at the AGM of GEAI.
• Officers are elected by the Executive Committee at its first meeting following the AGM. These are Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO .
• Additional officers may be appointed by the Committee.
• A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be a third of its membership, two of whom must be Directors.
• Every Executive Member has a role to play in the organisation and is expected to participate in one of the working groups organised by the Executive.
• Additional members may be co-opted on to the Executive Committee from time to time, as decided by the Executive.
• Applications for membership of GEAI will be ratified by the Executive Committee at meetings of the Executive.

3. Ordinary (individual) members

• Ordinary membership of GEAI is open to all persons who support the aims and objectives of Good Energies Alliance Ireland Limited.
• To become a member, a membership application form must be completed, a subscription of €20 per annum (€10 concessionary) paid, and the application ratified by the Executive Committee.
• Members will have full voting rights at the GEAI AGM and EGMs and will be entitled to go forward for election on to the Executive Committee.
• Members are encouraged to join the Working Groups organised by the Executive Committee.

4. Affiliate (group) members

• Organisations and groups throughout the world who wish to show support for the aims and objectives of GEAI can become affiliate members.
• To become affiliate members, such organisations or groups must complete a membership application form, pay a subscription of €100 per annum (or as determined by the Executive) and be ratified by the Executive Committee.
• An affiliate member can appoint one representative who can attend the AGM and will have full voting rights, including going forward for election on to the Executive Committee.

To download membership application form click here

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