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Position Paper on Solar Energy in Ireland

Solar energy has the potential to become a significant energy source in the Republic of Ireland. This paper presents arguments against and for solar energy with focus on planning, community benefits, environmental impacts and intermittency. Ireland’s 2020 GHG emissions reduction target is a 20% reduction in non-emission trading scheme (ETS) emissions compared to 2005 levels. However the deployment of solar energy will require citizens’ engagement and the government needs to play greater role in the transition to a low carbon future. The paper presents Good Energies Alliance Ireland’s position regarding solar energy development in the Republic of Ireland, supported with several study cases.


Position Paper on Wind Energy in Ireland

Wind power is considered to be a clean source of energy with a great role in the global development of renewable energy. The objective of this paper is to present both the pros and the cons of wind energy in Ireland, with a focus on the two most important issues: consultation as part of the planning process and environmental impacts.







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