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I am Greek and my small hometown is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. It is called Argos and some know it from history and mythology. The rest of you check it out! I am constantly cold in Ireland and it is still September. I am looking forward to the winter, seeing if I am going to survive.

I have lived and worked in different countries but Ireland seems special. Green and grey and rainy all the time, people are usually asking why I would leave Greece to come here. Well I had heard a lot about how beautiful the nature is here, and how kind and friendly the people are. Coming here I realised it was all very true.

I am very excited to work with GEAI, all the projects and causes interest me personally and academically. And my colleagues are very sweet and welcoming. But most of you know already!

I love traveling – I have already visited 30 countries and I am aspiring to visit all the rest! Talking about big dreams, I hope to learn playing the guitar and set dancing here in Ireland. I am also practicing yoga and I am looking forward to some outdoors yoga by the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s all folks! Keep tuned to our newsletter to get informed about all the exciting things we are going to do this year!



I’m from Messina, a city of Sicily, sunny island of southern Italy. I studied in Urbino – picturesque town of the Renaissance in the central Italy – where I took a master degree in “Design and Communication for Publishing”. I worked as graphic designer in Bolzano, northern Italy, where three different languages ​​are spoken: Italian, German and Ladin.

I participated in the creation of a new Agrocité in Paris, as part of the “Co-produced resilience” project promoted by Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée, about practices and networks of urban resilience. Moreover, I collaborated with the Italian designer collective Brave New Alps in the construction of the “Hospital(ity) school”, a wooden structure that host an Italian school and a medical and legal assistance point in a refugee camp in southern Italy.

My training in design allows me to develop participatory and site-specific projects that can  involve a given community. I’m interested in deepening design for sustainability and social innovation. During my studies I couldn’t spend a year studying abroad under the Erasmus+, so I decided to try an EVS before I turned 30, to get to know a new culture, meet new people and also to improve my English.


Hello there!

I come from a small city in the South of Brittany, in France. I’m 24 years old and I have a Bachelor’s degree in SEO (web content and social media).

I had a previous volunteering experience in the field of women’s rights in France, and now I would like to explore working in the environment domain. I feel concerned about this topic for years. Indeed, I’m passionate about animals and nature.

I want to involve myself in causes that are important to me, and try to make a better world. This EVS is a great opportunity for that, and to discover Irish culture, improve my English and be part of a great adventure!


Previous EVS volunteers


Hello there!
I come from a very tiny village in the North of Italy. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science of International Relations and a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy.

I joined GEAI in September 2017 driven by a very strong interest in research and advocacy for climate change and environmental issues. I was looking for an opportunity to strengthen and develop new skills while working on topics I’m really passionate about and I believe the EVS experience could provide that.

I’m a travel addict besides being a nature and animal lover. My main hobbies include reading, gardening, hiking, listening to music and watching soccer. Since I arrived here, I fell in love with Irish traditional music (and set dancing!), the kindness of Irish people and the beauty of these stunning hilly landscapes sprinkled with dozens of lakes.

I’m very delighted to have been chosen as the Cool Planet Champion for County Leitrim, an initiative aimed at rasing awareness on climate change and supported by the Environmental Protection Agency. I’m really excited about it!


Hi! I am a 26 years old French girl originally from a small Normandy village. I come from an artistic background; I have a bachelor’s degree in Literature and a Master’s Degree in Cinema. I also am a committed vegan!

I have some volunteering experience in helping on movie sets, helping organise a cinema festival in Paris, helping a theatre company with communication on social media. I also have volunteered for eight months in a Wildlife Rescue Centre, helping take care of wild animals in distress and developing a communication tool for its team to use.

So here I am. I am passionate about environmental and social issues. I want to act for our planet and the people living on it. Besides, I love Ireland: its culture, its music, its Nature, its people’s kindness, its beers… I hope this EVS will give me the opportunity to do work that matters and to immerse myself in Irish culture while meeting a lot of friendly people.


I come from Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, a region in the North-East coast of Spain. I’m 25 years old and have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Barcelona. I also have two Master’s degrees, one on Renewable Energy and Sustainability, and the other on Training of Secondary Professional and Language teachers.

I am enthusiastic about sustainability, animals and environment in general. I consider myself a good communicator and I’m very passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. I want people to be more aware of how to improve the world we live in, in respect of the environment. But also to be aware of actions that can harm the environment. Living in Ireland is a great opportunity for me to soak up the perspective and culture of Ireland, to learn more about sustainability, also to improve my English skills and to enjoy this adventure!


I come from Rijeka, the third largest city of Croatia. I lived there for almost my whole life. I’m 26 years old. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Informatical business, and a Master’s degree in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics in University of Rijeka.  During my studies I went on a Erasmus study stay to Finland where I took courses on Digital marketing and Marketing Social media in 2017.

I have experience with Erasmus+ projects, and have participated on 8 projects (youth exchanges, training courses, contact making seminar) in Turkey, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland on various topics. I’m interested in environment, ecology and climate change. I chose this EVS to gain practical experience in Marketing, especially Digital marketing and Marketing Social Media which will be crucial for my future career in Marketing. I love to travel, and can’t wait to participate and help on organizing various seminars, conferences and other activities.  Because I’m creative, I’m looking forward to working on the social media, website, newsletter, brochures, radio and newspaper for promotion of Good Energies Alliance Ireland.


My name is Andrea. I am from Vigo, a costal city in Galicia (Spain). I studied Environmental Science and I made a Master Degree in Renewable energies. I was really happy to be in Ireland and to experience what the EVS means. GEAI helped me to develop my work skills and also to contribute in the idea of building a better world.

I am really concerned about the environmental issues. I love travelling, exploring cultures and meeting new people. This EVS gave me the opportunity to do all I am passionate about and to grow as a person.

Andrea is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education in Spain, and plans to follow that up with a similar qualification in England.



Hello, my name is Kate. I am from Belarus. Belarus is a small landlocked country in southwestern Europe. I graduated from Belarusian National Technical University with a degree in hydraulic engineering. I have almost four years of experience in the field of hydrotechnical construction. Also I am a freelance photographer. I take photos not only of people or nature, but also of buildings and construction in progress. Volunteer service in GEAI was a great opportunity for me to broaden my education and raise awareness of climate change, study renewable energies and improve my English skills. Also it is a great possibility to discover such an interesting country as Ireland, the Emerald Island. I admire the unique Irish customs!

I truly believe that I was useful for GEAI and working in this organisation helped my personal development and had a positive influence on my future.

Kate is currently working as an IT Business Analyst at EPAM Systems in Belarus.


My name is Alexandre and I come from Lisbon, Portugal.  Despite my educational background (Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy) I decided to join GEAI because it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to experience what it is like to be a volunteer in an EVS project. I am very happy to have been part of an organisation that works towards making a difference in the future of our planet. I am very fond of travelling and meeting new people.

Alexandre currently working as a “Customer Happiness Hero”, also Translator, Knowledge base & Integration Specialist at Smartsupp in Brno, Czech Republic.




Irakli from Georgia, Tbilisin started his EVS project with Good Energies Alliance in September of 2015. In Georgia he worked on projects with civil society on the problems of refugees and IDPs (internally displaced population).

He ended his EVS in Ireland where he liked it very much and though people around him are really warm. Irakli says: “My life in Ireland was very funny and concentrated on the EVS .I have a lot of new friends here and it makes me really happy.”



Alice wrote at the start of her EVS in 2015:”I am a Romanian girl that in love with nature, I studied Geography and I consider myself a world traveller, I am fascinated by the complexity of the Earth but also by human nature and the cultural heritage of the world. I always wanted to be a volunteer and GEAI is offering me the best opportunity to do it, working for the environment and getting to know and live in a new culture”.

Alice is a Freelance Photographer and has her own blog http://www.cookingmalandrina.com, but she is also a Freelance Consultant at Appen.




Cedric wrote at the start of his EVS in 2015. “I’m French and I’m 24. I’m a law graduate from Lyon in France. This is my first trip to another country. Everything is new for me and I already like the warmth of the Irish people. I’m so happy to be here in Co. Leitrim for my EVS. It’s a chance to work for GEAI. I can improve my report method and learn the work of NGOs. The coming year promises to be very interesting and I want to give the best of myself for GEAI activities”.
Cedric has returned to France to continue his education, but this time in journalism. This is what he always wanted and his EVS experience confirmed that this was right for him. He has started his studies in International Affairs Journalism.


I’m from the Azores, in Portugal. And I’m 24 years old.

Lisandra talking about EVS: “You can meet people from all over the world. You can get to know the Irish culture. Don’t be afraid because it’s an amazing experience that you will not regret.”
One of Lisandra’s main contributions to the work of GEAI was the solar energy paper on our view to the matter. You can find it here. Lissandra is currently doing a PhD on Renewable Energies in Estonia!



212243d0-172f-4e50-92a3-480bc9951ff8Originally an Urban Planner, Irina joined the Good Energies Team as a researcher on Renewable Energies. Born and raised in Romania, she did a Master’s degree in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning in the Netherlands and she one of her main contribution to the work of GEAI was the wind paper on our view to the matter: “With this Position Paper we want to contribute to a scientific-based debate around wind energy in Ireland, as well as to help in building a more sustainable and fair country”, Irina said. You can find it here.

Irina now works in Bucharest as a Data Analyst in a company that promotes responsible investment and offers consultancy to people who wish to integrate environmental, social and governance information and assessments into their investment decisions and ownership practices. She is also in an environmental NGO and coordinates volunteers at the different actions realized in and around Bucharest.


e2a2517b-8f45-4bc6-b3dc-1cae46156b1cOlga a Ph.D. student in Architecture from Sloviansk in Ukraine worked with Good Energies Alliance Ireland as a graphic web designer. Her project included developing workshops on climate change and fracking. Also, the wonderful website was developed and maintained by her! “The graphic designer  skills which I’ve got in the organization and the Irish hospitality helped me to made my mind about nearest future, so I decided to continue volunteering for GEAI for the next year, and I am also taking  a web-design course.”

Olga is currently in New Zealand, sponsored by an architect firm to work in their team for a year.


cd9d5a93-901c-4591-9654-777710733ef4Santi is an environmental journalist from Galicia, NW of Spain.  After having worked in several printed and on-line media in three different languages, he learned how to help an organisation like GEAI with his communication skills. He was in charge of social media, press releases and this newsletter for the year and he did a very good job!

Santi is currently working in Central America as a Communications Officer, as part of the Trócaire Graduate programme.



SergiiSergii came to us from Berdansk in Ukraine.  He is a Mining Engineer and has a Master’s degree specialising in drilling.  When Sergii came to Ireland, he already had four years of work experience in the oil and gas industry.  During the time that he was with GEAI, the campaign against fracking in Ireland was at its height.  His skills were very useful in our work of raising public awareness of fracking and its consequences.  He took on the updating of our website and the organisation of a major international conference in 2013.

Sergii is currently the Project Manager at Weatherford in Ukraine.


photo-memIn 2012, GEAI had the opportunity of providing work experience to a young French EVS volunteer, Anais, who was hosted by MARDI (Making a Real Difference Ireland).  MARDI has close links with GEAI and has a history of sending volunteers abroad and organising youth exchanges.  Anais spent six months working with GEAI on the “Good Energies” project, which is on-going and includes much of the background work associated with GEAI, e.g. on-line work, promotion and research.  Anais, in collaboration with GEAI members, developed our website and social media functions and helped to organise many public events organised by GEAI.

Anais lives in France and has a full time position as a Journalist with a network of local newspapers.



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