Our projects

The aims of Good Energies project are:

  • Support the GEAI campaign linking with topic of Environment and Climate Change
  • Support the formation of Sustainable Energy Communities locally
  • Support the local community and youth in their social and cultural awareness, development and activities, linking with topics of Youth Work and and Youth Policy
  • Help in the organisation of a Strategic Partnership project that studies communication of climate change among young people, linking with the topic of EU Citizenship, EU Awareness and Democracy


To achieve these aims we carry out projects as follows: Good Energies Alliance Ireland EVS (hosting European volunteers to work with us in achieving our aims), Climate Change People Change (project which included a partnership between Ireland, Croatia and Italy and brought a group of young people from these countries to see how they could be encouraged to become climate leaders), Community energy project (NE-CS; studied energy uses and sources in six communities in Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal and resulted in Energy Roadmaps for each of those communities), Conferences “Renewable Energies – Prosperous communities” in 2015 and “2030 Vision – The future of energy in Ireland” in 2013, Youth Democracy project in 2014. (which brought a group of Polish young people to Ireland, followed by a return visit by Irish young people to Poland to study climate change).




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