• EPA report on fracking “just a whitewash” ? – GEAI press release 14th January 2013
    Options Licences have been granted to three oil/gas companies to study the potential for shale gas exploitation in the Northwest and Clare. Now the Government is commissioning a report by the EPA on the safety of the technology of hydraulic fracturing, which will be completed in 2014. Minister Rabbitte says that no hydraulic fracturing will be allowed until after this report is delivered and considered…
  • Fine Gael MEPs vote against a moratorium on frackingGEAI press release 6th December 2012

    A major debate on Fracking was held the EU Parliament two weeks ago. Two major reports on environment and energy issues associated with fracking were discussed. MEPs had the opportunity to study the reports and propose amendments to these. Among over 70 amendments to the original documents, an amendment was proposed urging Member States “not to authorise any new hydraulic fracturing operations in the EU”…

  • Tamboran and Enegi Oil to apply for shale gas operations licences in February 2013 – GEAI press release 4th December 2012
    In a recent statement, EnegiOil, an oil company with licencing options in County Clare, stated that they have found “recoverable” gas reserves in Clare and that they intend to apply for a full Exploration Licence, wrote a recent article in the Irish Examiner. It also has been confirmed by the Department for Energy that they have received relevant documents from Enegi Oil and Tamboran on or before the deadline of November 30th. Completed applications must be submitted before the end of February…
  • Exploration licences could be granted next year – GEAI press release 29th October 2012
    Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) have considered all the official statements being made by Government recently and are now concerned that the issuing of exploration licences for shale gas exploitation is not prohibited, despite the new report on fracking being commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…
  • Call for prohibition of hydraulic fracturing – GEAI press release 15th October 2012
    A clear message was given to an Oireachtas Committee on last Wednesday, October 10th, that the Government must make a clear commitment that further licences will not be issued for on-shore shale gas exploration or development in Ireland and Government must adopt as policy that high-volume hydraulic fracturing will be prohibited in Ireland…
  • Response to EPA report – GEAI press release 12th May 2012

    Good Energies Alliance Ireland welcomes the EPA report on fracking and states that it is a balanced report emphasising the lack of knowledge globally about the effects, especially long-term effects, of shale gas extraction.  However, there are many gaps in the report and one statement in the summary is misleading…

  • Response to donation of €20,000 to Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum – GEAI press release 4th May 2012
    “The ‘grant’ of €20,000 given to Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum is so obviously the start of a “divide and conquer” strategy by Tamboran to weaken opposition to their proposal to take over and industrialise 100,000 acres of Leitrim and Fermanagh.”…
  • Report on study of earthquakes caused by Cuadrilla – GEAI press release 21st April 2012

    “It is extraordinary that a recommendation be made to continue fracking in Preece Hall, when clearly what is happening is essentially an experiment, with people and the environment at risk.”…

  • Ballyshannon Water Supply threatened by FrackingGEAI press release 8th April 2012

    Ballyshannon’s public water supply could be under threat from fracking.  This is a conclusion reached by Sligo-based hydrogeologist Davide Gallazzi.  “We are playing with fire”, he says…


”The process of fracking – whereby oil is drilled beneath the ground under enormous pressure using tons of liquid – has already caused deep fissures in American society. Now it’s become a contentious issue in Ireland,too.”
”Jessica Ernst, a biologist and environmental consultant to the oil and gas industry, yesterday warned that there is no safe way to conduct fracking. Speaking at a press conference in Dublin yesterday, she said, “communities need to look at what they stand to lose rather than at what companies are promising”.”
”Speaking at a press conference in Dublin yesterday, Ms Ernst said the impact of fracking on the community outweighted any benefits.Ms Ernst said that in addition to concerns over water contamination, fracking was also associated with a number of other environmental issues including air and noise pollution.Also speaking at the press conference, Dr Aedin McLoughlin of Good Energy Alliance Ireland said fracking was unsafe and should not be allowed here. “Agri-food and tourism are the cornerstones of the Irish economy, not the false promises of a dirty industry that doesn’t keep its promises and doesn’t heed regulations,” she said.”
”Jessica Ernst is a biologist and environmental consultant to the oil and gas industry, a critic of fracking and is currently involved in a multi-million dollar lawsuit with Encana resources. Speaking in Dublin she urged Ireland to reject fracking”
”A new all-island organisation to campaign against fracking is being backed by advisers in the areas of economics, law, science, public health and policy development.Good Energies Alliance Ireland is a cross-border initiative which will also promote ways in which the wise use of energy can be supported from sustainable sources and practices. ”
”A new cross-border anti-fracking protest group has been established. Good Energies Alliance Ireland includes a number of groups already campaigning against fracking on both sides of the border and says it is now taking the fight against hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in Ireland to a new level. Spokeswoman Dr Aedin McLoughlin said GEAI is adopting a balanced and professional approach to the anti-fracking campaign, which is backed by advisors in the areas of economics, law, science, public health and policy development.”


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