Powerful Community Pathways (PCPs)

Powerful Community Pathway: Boyle

Irish households have the highest carbon footprint in Europe. With this comes a set of downsides that impact people health and standard of living. Solutions are now economically viable, adaptable and user-friendly, plus they can build momentum for broad community development.

The goal of this study is to draw a baseline of the typical household energy profile in the town of Boyle (Co. Roscommon), in order to model an energy transition scenario that unlocks benefits for the community. We call this Powerful Community Pathway (PCP).

A household energy survey was designed and administered to 103 households representing roughly 10% of the occupied housing stock in Boyle. Data was processed to obtain information about households energy landscape. Then, an investment scenario to 2025 was modeled, comprising costs-saving actions in the domains of Knowledge, Houses, Transport, with the Community domain acting as an underlying catalyst.

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