Notices of Motion

Suggestion for Notices of Motion for Local Authorities
  1. Given that a) serious questions must be asked about the independence of the EPA-administered research study on “Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Gas Exploration & Extraction (UGEE)” (fracking) and b) the scope of the study which does not review public health impacts of fracking, this Council calls on Government, in particular the Ministers for the Environment and for Energy, to direct the EPA to stop the study immediately and to cancel the issuing of supplementary tenders for on-the-ground seismic testing and other monitoring tasks relating to this work.
  2. This council calls for a review of the public health impacts of fracking that considers the findings of all relevant peer-reviewed studies and reports, based on the methodology of the NY State DOH Public Health Review (December 2014), to be carried out by the Chief Medical Officer, under the auspices of the HSE and the Department of Health.


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