GEAI and Ballinagleragh Community Hall get ‘greener’

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future GEAI has changed our electricity supplier to Templederry Renewable Energy Supply Ltd. T/A CRES (Community Renewable Energy Supply). This is the first ‘community’ owned and operated electricity supply company in Ireland that sources energy entirely from renewable sources/technologies.

Solar Panel on Hall

Part of GEAI’s work is to promote the development of sustainable energy projects which could involve local communities working together to establish their own community owned/controlled electricity generating facilities.

Also, in furtherance of this objective GEAI has submitted an application to the Leader Programme for funding to install a 6Kw array of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our operational base – Ballinagleragh Community Hall. It is intended that this will generate enough electricity to drastically reduce our reliance on the ‘national grid’ – even though we are currently using electricity from CRES.

We hope to have a decision within the next couple of months on this application. So… watch our newsletter and website for further updates.




Feb 1 GEAI celebrates Brigid’s Day

All the participants with their crosses after the workshop

All the participants with their crosses after the workshop

Inspiration, Health and Creativity

Last Sunday we celebrated Saint Brigid’s Day with a celebration at Ballinaglera Community Hall. It was a celebration with a difference – participants from England, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Galicia (Spain), who had never learned about Saint Brigid or knew her traditions, joined local people for the afternoon. We all learned more about Brigid, originally a Celtic Fire Goddess but after Saint Patrick, venerated as Saint Brigid, as well as some traditions connected with her and her day.

Everyone learned how to make the Saint Brigid crosses to hang over the doors of the houses (and the cowsheds!) for protection. Brideógs were made with rushes and decorated cloth. The final task was the making of the Crios Bríde, a wide circle made from hay, that everyone stepped through to the rhythm of a chant. The celebration finished with the traditional Saint Brigid feast, with contributions by all.

All the participants kept their crosses with their hopes for the year woven into them. Next year they will make new ones and burn the old to mark the passing of another Celtic year.

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