GEAI supports “Unearthed” screenings

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GEAI volunteers Santi, Olga and Irina with filmmaker Jolynn Minnaar 

Good Energies Alliance Ireland supported and attended the screenings of Unearthed documentary in Bellanaleck (Fermanagh) and Sligo. The GEAI EVS volunteers Irina, Olga and Santi set up the projector for the Fermanagh event.

Unearthed is a thought provoking and extremely well made documentary about fracking by Jolynn Minnaar, covering both the vulnerable and arid Karoo in South Africa, and the forgotten victims of fracking pollution in the US.

Both screenings were followed by a Q&A afterward with the filmmaker.

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GEAI supports Fermanagh Frackdown Day


GEAI volunteer Olga (centre) with local children enjoying themselves at the Belcoo camp.

GEAI members provided photography and technical support to campaigners against fracking in Fermanagh on Global Frackdown Day celebrating the recent decision to terminate exploration licences held by Tamboran Resources.

In Mullaghdun Community Centre, organised by Claire McGuire and friends, activities for children continued during the day, including face-painting, arts and crafts, an exhibition of posters done in schools and prizes for the best artwork. Olga from Ukraine, one of our EVS volunteers, was the designated photographer throughout the day.

In the afternoon, at the Belcoo campsite, a BBQ was organised with music and a pig on a spit. The weather was wonderful and all enjoyed the event.

That evening, there was further entertainment in Mullaghdun with presentations, videos, several bands and harpists, recitations and the dance against fracking performed by local children.

The whole day was a great success and allowed everyone to celebrate the success of the campaign to date. A note of caution was struck by committee members who warned that “fracking has not gone away” and that further challenges can be expected.
At the Frackdown Day celebrations in Mullaghdun Community Centre.

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GEAI presentation in Brookeborough


Good Energies Alliance Ireland director Aedín McLoughlin made a presentation about fracking in Brookeborough (Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland) on 7th October to a group of local people worried about the consequences of fracking in the county.

Some of the main concerns were the effects on water because the shale layer the companies want to frack is to near the surface.

GEAI will continue to raise awareness in local communities North and South of the border because despite the victory against Tamboran fracking is not over in Fermanagh.

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Tamboran’s licence terminated!

Good news for Fermanagh (and Leitrim) last night

The news went out at 6pm that the Minister had terminated Tamboran’s exploration licence.  Their initial licence was for three years, during which time they were to do some works, including drilling a borehole and analysing rock samples.  In March 2014 they requested a six-month extension on this licence to allow them time to do the work (until 30th September).  In July they arrived on site in Belcoo with the intention of drilling the 1,200m borehole in the Acheson and Glover quarry, setting off an extensive protest by residents, farmers and campaigners, together with a 24-hour camp at the quarry entrance.

No drilling rig arrived.  Instead, it was discovered by campaigners that the quarry did not have planning permission for activities that had already taken place – excavation, blasting, removal of rock.  Also, there were questions over the environmental impacts of these activities on a stream that runs from the quarry into Lough MacNean. An EIS was called for and many representations were made to the Minister for Environment, Mark H. Durkan.  On August 11th, the Minister made the decision that an EIS would indeed be required, given the quarry’s planning situation.

Now, time has run out for Tamboran.

On 30th September their licence expired and the Minister Arlene Foster has not allowed another extension but has terminated the licence.  GREAT NEWS FOR THE CAMPAIGN!

However, we have to strike a note of caution.  FRACKING HAS NOT GONE AWAY!  It was pointed out to us last night that

  • Tamboran are looking for a judicial review of the decisions made by the two Ministers.  It’s not over until this is completed.
  • The Minister said that someone else could apply next week – Northern Ireland is still open for business.  However, if there was a new application, it would have to include a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), which includes public consultation and certainly would delay the project considerably.
AND, of course, Ballinlea and Carrickfergus are still in the line of fire.  Our attention must focus on them immediately; the campaign must get behind what the local groups are doing and give them all the support we can.


GEAI presentation on shale gas in Enniskillen


Good Energies Alliance Ireland directors Aedín McLoughlin and Eddie Mitchell gave a presentation about fracking and its effects on the environment and human health in Enniskillen (Co. Fermanagh) on 1oth September.

The event was organised by Dianne Little, member of Letterbreen and Mullaghdun Partnership (LAMP). Dianne spoke about the social and psycological consequences of the oil and gas industry in rural communities.

The presentation aimed to encourage participants to act in their communities, organise meetings in their areas and try to spread awareness about what can happen to Fermanagh and their neighbourhoods if fracking begins.


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