People’s Climate March


People’s Climate March
Sunday November 29th

Starting Customs House Quay at 2pm

On November 30th, world leaders will gather in Paris at the UN Climate Summit. The decisions they make on issues such as global carbon emissions and renewable energy will impact each and every one of us for years to come.  Due to the recent attacks and the tragic loss of life, the planned march in Paris has been cancelled.

On the eve of the UN Summit – Sunday, November 29th – there will be a People’s Climate March in Dublin at 2pm, starting at Customs House Quay.  Please stand with those who are taking part in marches in cities around the world, demanding the political action that is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.  Given the cancellation of the Paris march, it is all the more important that people mobilise to show how important this issue is.

Join the March to help make this the largest ever gathering of people calling on Ireland to play its part in tackling runaway climate change.

More information can be found here – please share this with your friends.

If you can’t make it to Dublin there is also a March, a Carnival and a Rally being organised in Cork CityGalway City and Belfast on the same day.

This event is organised by Stop Climate Chaos Coalition of which Afri is a member.

Ireland deserves a better Climate Bill


Ireland deserves a better Climate Action Bill to play its role in tackling climate change. The current Bill “will fail to deliver the low carbon future it aims to achieve unless critical weaknesses are addressed”, according to an independent report by environmental lawyers Client Earth.

Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) criticised the lack of ambition of the new bill since its publication in January. Now this independent analysis confirms that “the opportunity to lead the way towards a carbon neutral future has been thrown away”, GEAI director Aedín McLoughlin said. “There are no targets for lowering carbon emissions, not even a mention of the mandatory targets set by the EU. Neither is there commitment to contributing to the Global Climate Fund, a shame for Ireland.”

The report was commissioned by the Irish coalition Stop Climate Chaos (SCC) and also compares the Government’s Bill with climate legislation around Europe. The study finds that the lack of 2050 targets for carbon emissions produces critical uncertainty for investors and the status and membership of the Expert Advisory Council undermines its independence. Unless revised at Committee Stage in the Dáil, due this month, the Bill will do little to help Ireland meet its international commitments or move the economy onto a less polluting pathway.

Last September the Taoiseach Enda Kenny talked at the UN Climate Summit about “long terms objectives for 2050 of an 80% reduction across electricity, transport and built environment”. “Where are those targets now?” asks McLoughlin. “This Government  has failed to show commitment, imagination or leadership in the drafting of the Bill.”


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