Five years of Shale Gas: Public Health Impacts

The evidence is now clear

Five years ago, American Journal of Public Health  published an article discussing
the potential harm to the environment and human health from horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing of shale. At that time the USA were importing oil and gas to meet their demands but the price at pump was high so the pressure to explore locally.

Since 2011, there has been not only a surge in drilling for natural gas and oil in the United
States (e.g., California, Colorado, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania,
Texas) and in other countries (e.g., Australia), but also a huge increase in the number of published studies focused on environmental and public health impacts associated
with UGD (unconventional gas development).

After five years, the same journal published an update stating that the evidence is clear of the harmful effects on human health and environment from UGD and advises focusing on policies.

We again stress the importance, indeed urgency, to focus on fair and sensible energy
policies, and to be mindful of the implications that such policies have on our environment and on population health. Ignoring the body of evidence, to us, is not viable option anymore.

Read the entire article here.

Tell the EPA US to Investigate Fracking Contamination!

Exclusive by DeSmogBlog

DeSmogBlog (Los Angeles Times) has obtained a copy of an Obama Administration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fracking groundwater contamination PowerPoint presentation describing a then-forthcoming study’s findings in Dimock, Pennsylvania.

Water on Fire

The PowerPoint presentation reveals a clear link between hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for shale gas in Dimock and groundwater contamination, but was censored by the Obama Administration. Instead, the EPA issued an official desk statement in July 2012 – in the thick of election year – saying the water in Dimock was safe for consumption.
The EPA has also shut down fracking investigations in Wyoming and Texas. The early results of all three investigations showed that the EPA had evidence linking gas drilling and fracking operations to groundwater contamination; yet instead of protecting people in these areas, the EPA ignored its own scientific data and abandoned the investigations.

Food and Water Watch have now put out a call for everyone to send a message to the EPA.

Fill out the form [click HERE] and edit the message as you wish. They will deliver your messages to the new EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and President Obama to make sure the EPA does its job.
It is said of Gina McCarthy, the new EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy… has worked for and with both sides of the aisle to forge common-sense and science-based solutions to protect children, seniors, and the public health from dangerous pollution.” Let us ask her then, as a priority, to re-open these investigations and fearlessly publish their findings.


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