What We Do

GEAI has two areas of interest – Shale gas and Climate Change

1. Shale gas. The proposals for exploration and extration of unconventional shale gas (Fracking) in Ireland and elsewhere, awareness-raising of environmental and social issues involved, and using advocacy to influence decision- and policy-makers to ban its use.
2. The imminent Climate Change crisis and the urgent need to implement local, national and global policies to substitute fossil fuels with renewable energy sources of Wind, Solar and Wave.



We have been to the forefront of the Irish campaign against unconventional shale gas extraction since our formation.  We consider that the whole process of fracking would be a disaster for the whole island of Ireland, with negative impacts on our water quality, our tourism industry and for the health of communities living near the target areas.

Campaign activities include:
  • Awareness-raising Presentations and organisation of discussion forums to community groups, Local Authority, schools, religious congregations and other groups. (click here for presentations)
  • Organisation of a major international conference in September 2013.
  • Influencing public authorities and decision-makers locally and nationally through advocacy.
  • Generating publicity for the campaign through website, social media, press, radio and TV.
  • Focussing on young people and generating enthusiasm among them for the campaign.
  • Working with artists in the community to organise mixed media exhibitions.
Climate Change and Renewable Energy Sources

mckibbenmathtour2It has become more and more apparent that Fracking is only part of a much bigger picture – the global issues of diminishing natural resources, the limits against growth and the imminent crisis of climate change. Not only should there be a ban on unconventional shale gas exploration and development, existing carbon resources need to remain unburned. We must cut down on emissions of CO2 immediately if global warming is to be restricted to 2C.

In response to these challenges, GEAI is now turning its attention to the wider issues of global warming, climate change and climate justice.
  • It supports the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, is a member of 350.org and supports the UN Development Strategy Beyond 2015.
  • Nationally, it supports the deployment, with care for environmental and social impacts, of on-land and sea wind turbines and the development of the National Grid in the West of Ireland.
  • In September 2015, GEAI organised an international conference on “2030 Vision – The Future of Energy in Ireland”, where it brought together prominant speakers on the topics of the potential for Ireland to lead the way in the deployment of renewable energy resources such as wind and tide.

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