What can we do to improve the energy efficiency?

Transport is the sector with the highest final energy consumption and, without any significant policy changes, is forecast to remain so.

Tips to save energy!
  • Be sustainable: Walk or cycle when possible. Walking is free and has the added benefit of being good for your health.

Walk and cycle

  • Use public transport as an alternative for some journeys or car share with work colleagues or taking turns to do the school run.

Public transport/carpool

  • Consider having an electric car!

Electric car

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by some simple driving actions: Regularly check your car type pressures, minimize unnecessary weight in your car by removing clutter, drive smoothly and sticking to the speed limits, keeping your revs down by changing up a gear earlier can reduce fuel consumption and avoid vehicle idling, e.g. by turning the engine off when the vehicle is stationary.

Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

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