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Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) is the only non-profit Environmental NGO in Ireland with a principal focus on Energy.   GEAI is based in the North-West of Ireland but its remit is all-island.  It is a member of the Irish Environmental Network…


What We Do

GEAI has two areas of interest – Shale gas and Climate Change 1. Shale gas. The proposals for exploration and extration of unconventional shale gas (Fracking) in Ireland and elsewhere, awareness-raising of environmental and social issues involved, and using advocacy…


Take Action!

Want to fight Fracking and Climate Change? Find and join your nearest environmental group. There are many groups that are campaigning against Fracking, others that want to see the end of the fossil fuel era and promote renewable energy sources….

Shale Gas News


Europe abandons hopes of US-style shale gas revolution

Special Report 28th February 2014 Synopsis.   Shale gas has had a “minimal impact” on the US’s manufacturing industry, and will have even less significance for Europe, according to a new report by the Institute for Sustainable Development and International…

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How big is the fracking industry? Environment America have produced a report which gives a startling picture of the extent of fracking in US and some of the impacts caused by this industry.  [Download report] “Fracking by the Numbers” needs…


GEAI spreads the Word to Anglers

Irish and European Anglers threatened by fracking! GEAI is happy to spread the truth about the impacts of fracking to all sectors of the population.  Therefore, when contacted by Martin McEnroe, President of the Angling Council Ireland, we were delighted…

drilling rig

Tamboran Prepares for Drilling in Belcoo

It is finally happening!  Without a Strategic Impact Assessment (SEA) of the proposals for Fracking in Northern Ireland, without Planning Permission, without consultation with residents or, indeed, public representatives, Tamboran Resources are moving in machinary to the Acheson and Glover…

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How do we get off our Fossil Fuel addiction?

Sustainable Energy – without the hot air The following is an extract of the synopsis of the excellent book by Professor David McKay We have an addiction to fossil fuels, and it’s not sustainable. The developed world gets 80% of…

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German 2

How a German Village Created a Renewable Energy Future

Article published by EcoWatch By Laurie Guevara-​Stone Regardless of debate about the success of Germany’s renewables revolution, there is no denying that a small town in the corner of rural eastern Germany, 40 miles south of Berlin, may be one…

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