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Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) is the only non-profit Environmental NGO in Ireland with a principal focus on Energy.   GEAI is based in the North-West of Ireland but its remit is all-island.  It is a member of the Irish Environmental Pillar…


What We Do

GEAI has two areas of interest – Shale gas and Climate Change 1. Shale gas. The proposals for exploration and extration of unconventional shale gas (Fracking) in Ireland and elsewhere, awareness-raising of environmental and social issues involved, and using advocacy…


Take Action!

Want to fight Fracking and Climate Change? Find and join your nearest environmental group. There are many groups that are campaigning against Fracking, others that want to see the end of the fossil fuel era and promote renewable energy sources….


GEAI supports “Unearthed” screenings

Good Energies Alliance Ireland supported and attended the screenings of Unearthed documentary in Bellanaleck (Fermanagh) and Sligo. The GEAI EVS volunteers Irina, Olga and Santi set up the projector for the Fermanagh event. Unearthed is a thought provoking and extremely…

GEAI supports Fermanagh Frackdown Day

GEAI volunteer Olga (centre) with local children enjoying themselves at the Belcoo camp. GEAI members provided photography and technical support to campaigners against fracking in Fermanagh on Global Frackdown Day celebrating the recent decision to terminate exploration licences held by…

GEAI presentation in Brookeborough

Good Energies Alliance Ireland director Aedín McLoughlin made a presentation about fracking in Brookeborough (Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland) on 7th October to a group of local people worried about the consequences of fracking in the county. Some of the main…

drilling rig

Decisions on fracking in Ireland delayed until after 2016

In 2012, the Government decided that no decisions on granting exploration licences for fracking would be made until a comprehensive research study would be done, coordinated by the EPA. Public consultation on the Terms of Reference of this study was…

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Tamboran’s licence terminated!

Good news for Fermanagh (and Leitrim) last night The news went out at 6pm that the Minister had terminated Tamboran’s exploration licence.  Their initial licence was for three years, during which time they were to do some works, including drilling…

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Fermanagh 3

Fracking – a Cross-Community issue in Fermanagh!

County Fermanagh is truly a lakeland county – one of the most beautiful places in the world with pristine rivers and lakes, lush greenery and people with extraordinary integrity.  Together with the rest of Northern Ireland, the Fermanagh people come…

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