An overview of fracking in the EU

The European Union lacks a common policy on fracking. Some countries are convinced supporters while others have banned it for safety and environmental reasons. This disagreement between the member states prevented the passing of a Directive regulating shale gas exploitation, resulting in the European Commission being restricted to adopting certain “recommendations“. Recently the European Parliament […]


Climate Action Bill 2015 – All smoke, no fire?

“Transition to a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by the end of 2050.” In the context of the climate crisis now confronting the earth, this is the ONLY aspiration of the Government in the Climate Action Bill 2015. There are no targets beyond the 2020 carbon reduction targets imposed on us by […]

"Tacloban Typhoon Haiyan 2013-11-14" by Trocaire from Ireland - DSC_0974. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Extreme weather displaces more people than war

Floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters drove 22 million people out of their homes in 2013. That is three times the number of people displaced by war and twice as many as were displaced by extreme weather in the 1970s. The study Global Estimates 2014. People Displaced by Disasters, published by the Norgewian Refugee Council (NRC), […]

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Aedín McLouhglin and EVS volunteer Santi at the TCD Green Week

Feb 17: GEAI at the TCD Green Week!

The Good Energies team were present at the Trinity College Dublin Green Week! Our director Aedín McLoughlin and our EVS volunteers Irina, Olga and Santi come down from Leitrim to talk about what are we doing and to promote the Erasmus+ program among the students. The GEAI stand in the Jobs Fair attracted many students […]

All the participants with their crosses after the workshop

Feb 1 GEAI celebrates Brigid’s Day

Inspiration, Health and Creativity Last Sunday we celebrated Saint Brigid’s Day with a celebration at Ballinaglera Community Hall. It was a celebration with a difference – participants from England, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Galicia (Spain), who had never learned about Saint Brigid or knew her traditions, joined local people for the afternoon. We all learned […]

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Fracking is not the way to reduce Ireland’s energy imports

Ireland imports 89% of the energy it consumes during a year according to the last data release by Eurostat and 98% of this is supplied by fossil fuels. It is the 4th highest energy importer in the EU, after Malta, Luxembourg and Cyprus. Ireland’s high dependency on imported fossil fuels makes her vulnerable, because she has no […]

Ian Britton CC BY-NC 2.0

Ireland is one of EU highest energy importers

Ireland imports 89% of its energy, making it one of the most energy import dependent countries in the EU, new data released by Eurostat shows. Ireland is the EU country with the fourth highest energy dependency, only Malta, Luxembourg and Cyprus higher than ourselves.  The European average is 53.2%. Other countries of similar size to […]

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