20th – 26th February 2012 Visit by Jessica Ernst M.Sc. and Dr John O’Connor to Ireland. 
20th February – Press Conference, Sandymount Hotel, Dublin.
Press Conference with Jessica Ernst, hosted by GEAI
Press Conference with Jessica Ernst, hosted by GEAI
Jessica Ernst, a 54-year-old oil patch consultant, is asking for more than $10 millio each from the oil company Encana, the Alberta government, and the Energy Resources Conservation Board, the province’s energy regulator, after multiple provincial laws and regulations were broken and a shallow aquifer used by a rural community was contaminated with natural gas and toxic industry-related chemicals.
Dr. John O’Connor rose to prominence in Alberta after raising concerns about high rates of cancer in a community downstream of the Alberta tar sands. Complaints were made against the doctor to the Alberta College of Physicians; and Health Canada, a federal government department, accused him of raising undue alarm, blocking access to files and causing mistrust. In 2007 the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons cleared Dr. O’Connor of all charges leveled against him, with the Alberta Cancer Board admitting that the high cancer rates in Fort Chip could be due to environmental factors.
Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) believes that the economic future of Ireland cannot be based on shale gas extraction, which leaves a legacy of environmental damage and devastated communities wherever it operates.
Shale gas extraction (fracking) is competely incompatible with our national economic priorities of agri-business and tourism.
The Video below, made by Irish children, explains fracking and its consequences.



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