June 15: Faughary windfarm opening

Faughary 03

Aedín McLoughlin, Irina and Santi at the Faughary windfarm

The GEAI team was invited to the official opening of the Faughary windfarm, near Manorhamilton (Co Leitrim). The team were shown the turbines inside and out, including the operations room in the middle of the turbine. “Everybody present was amazed at how quiet the turbines are on a beatiful but very windy day”, Aedín McLoughlin said.

More pictures on Flickr.



  1. How quiet the turbines are, you say. Key detail missing…and that is what power production level were the turbines running at when they sounded so very quiet?

    We have found, due to acoustic testing, that a single 2MW turbine, is very quiet when operating a low power production levels BUT when operating at just 1/3 power has been proven to violate our state’s Air Pollution Control Regulation via excessive and invasive noise!

    Quiet my foot! Check out the acoustic testing results that find that the wind industry consistently understates the Sound Power Levels of turbines and also understates the “predicted” noise levels to come in ALL ore-construction testing I have reviewed.

    We have documented violations at 15dB(A) ABOVE what our state Air Pollution Control allows – that is a WHOLE LOT OF NOISE!!!!! Especially at night when neighbors need their sleep.

    Lies continue to be perpetuated by wind shills.

  2. peaceandquietplease says:

    example: Consider a background sound level of 35dB(A) with the turbine OFF (measurement taken at 1,000 feet). Then, with the turbine ON a dB(A) measurement of 68dB(A) – a full 30 decibels above the background sound level! just one measurement but documentation was taken at under half power level!

    there is no peace for the neighbors who live TOO CLOSE to industrial wind power plants -and I only speak of the audible noise – the LOW frequency and infra-sound noise is a whole other dirty little reality for the neighbors!

  3. Alll lies if you want the truth on noise from a windfarm maybe you should visit a blog that tell the truth http://windfarmtorture.blogspot.ie/

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