Happy summer days


It’s with this incredible summer that us, GEAI volunteers, can enjoy Ireland!

During the heatwave in June and July, we could enjoy the beach and try to swim in the (cold) North Atlantic Ocean, what an experience!

Dublin, Donegal, Athlone, Galway, Cork, Cliffs of Moher, ring of Kerry and Dingle, Northern Ireland… We visited more things in Ireland in 3 months than in 1 year in our own countries. But this country is so fascinating! All parts of Ireland are unique, and the landscapes are so different under the sun.

Mohill castleThanks to this very nice weather, we could enjoy the beauties of Eire and all their charm in the best way.

At the end of July, Drumshanbo for one week became the place to be in County Leitrim with the Joe Mooney Summer School. This festival attracts hundreds of people from all around the world (United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, USA…). The programme included set dancing lessons and musical instruments tuition (fiddle, harp, guitar, flute, accordion, etc.)  concerts, céilís and recitals.

All the pubs hosted music sessions every day. There were also concerts every evening in the Lough Allen Hotel, Mayflower Hall or in other places in the town. What an amazing week! The quiet Drumshanbo was full of people, two, sometimes three or more music sessions in each pub, people everywhere! And such good musicians! We even saw people playing music in the streets.

Alas, the weather has changed and the rain has returned, for now anyway.  The farmers are pleased but we hope that the summer is not over for us!


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