Our EVS project

GEAI, with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, offers opportunities to young people (18-30) to volunteer in Ireland for 12 months.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is one of the actions of the Youth in action programme, a programme that promotes the mobility of young people through international activities with a non-formal education dimension such as youth exchanges, voluntary services, youth initiatives and training of youth workers.

Who are we?

  • We are an NGO entirely run by volunteers and we rely on young people to help us with the heavy demands of our campaigns and projects, publicity and promotion activities
  • We are accredited as Erasmus+ Coordinating and Hosting organization for six volunteers
  • Our members have the skills to manage an EVS project and to support our volunteers in their professional and personal development, this is realized by attending Erasmus+ Trainings and committing themselves to a continuous growing and skill improving

Among the things we do…
  • Carry out our work through the cooperation of local volunteers and young Europeans who can benefit from the experience of working with the demands of our campaigns and projects,  publicity and promotion activities;
  • Manage our EVS project and to support our volunteers in their professional and personal development;
  • We carry out research, educate ourselves and others, and raise awareness of climate change, renewable and efficient energy sources and uses;
  • We were involved in the campaign against fracking in Ireland;
  • We lobby and advise local, regional and national decision-makers on related policies;
  • We develop and support community projects that implement sustainable and efficient energy uses.

What we do:

  • Using advocacy, influencing decision-makers nationally to raise awareness of fracking and issues around environmental and health impacts, also to campaign for sustainable energy sources and uses;
  • Maintain the GEAI website, social media, promotion and marketing;
  • Networking with international groups with similar aims;
  • Managing/assisting with organization of local events, e.g. conferences, public meetings, music gigs, art exhibitions, etc. giving presentations;
  • organize Erasmus+ project events, e.g. Action KA2, seminars, residential etc.;
  • Engage in research, desk work, “field work”;

Take a look of a full description of the EVS project 

SPECIFIC ACTIVITY AREAS: Volunteers focus on specific areas, based on their professional competencies. All our volunteers are  technically competent. Internet-based work is carried out from the office in Ballinaglera.




A) Research and Technology

Research on renewable energy sources and uses, reports on research, work with the GEAI team assisting with the review of, and compilation of links to peer-reviewed articles and government publications. Updating of website (continuous). Technical training on website design delivered.



B) Media and Promotion

Social media, marketing and promotion. Work on the promotional aspects of GEAI, e.g. maintaining Facebook, Twitter, etc. functions of the GEAI website and upgrading these as required. Updating of contact database, media contacts, etc. Promotional drives and awareness-raising events.

All volunteers have an opportunity to make presentations about the work they are doing. They are also expected to promote Erasmus+ and to produce regular posts on the GEAI website about their EVS experience. And write articles for the monthly GEAI e-Newsletter.

C) Event Management

All volunteers: organization of events, projects, other GEAI activities in Ireland. These include seminars, meetings with local and national figures, and also collaborative activities with other environmental NGOs (as required). Assisting with the establishment of Ballinaglera Community Hall as a training hub organizing training in the area of climate change and renewable energy with local schools and colleges. Assisting with promotion and delivery of workshops.

D) Community Work

Assisting local groups and voluntary organizations that organize social events in the local area:

These include Festivals (summer), Music Sessions (weekends), Older people’s activities (weekly), Sports Day (June), BBQ (August), Junior Disco (monthly), Concerts (Christmas) etc. This will be good for their social integration into the community and experience of local culture.

E) EVS Training and Networking

Leargas : On-arrival training and midway training.

Volunteers are facilitated to network with other volunteers and build friendships with Irish and international Youth in Action participants.



F) Blog

All volunteers keep a blog to record their experiences.

G) Youthpass

All volunteers are encouraged and supported to do an individual project using their own initiative and to apply for Youthpass.

H) Erasmus+

Assisting with Erasmus+ projects organised or participated in by GEAI in conjunction with our partners. This includes future projects such as Strategic Partnerships project.

I) Young people

Liaising with young people, promoting the Good Energies project in schools and getting young people involved in initiatives around renewable energies and climate change.


J) Public participation

In conjunction with GEAI and People’s Charter on Energy, liaising with communities nationally to encourage participation in debate on renewable energies and getting the voice of the community heard.


Our partners will contribute to on-line discussions; they will provide information for the website; can contribute tweets and Facebook posts; comment on the GEAI and volunteer blogs; they can get very involved in our activities.




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