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Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) is the only non-profit Environmental NGO in Ireland with a principal focus on Energy.   GEAI is based in the North-West of Ireland but its remit is all-island.  It is a member of the Irish Environmental Pillar and has links with environmental groups nationally and internationally.  It was founded in 2011, was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in December 2012, its Directors are all volunteers and GEAI has no paid staff.

Good Energies Alliance Ireland works through research, advocacy, education and campaigning to influence public opinion and decision-makers in Ireland against on-shore unconventional hydrocarbon development and towards practical policies on energy sources and uses that respect the environment, the planet and people.

 Main objectives:

  • To use research, advocacy, education and campaigning activities to influence public opinion and decision-makers to prohibit on-shore unconventional hydrocarbon development (fracking) in Ireland.
  • To educate ourselves and others on the impacts of different energy sources on the environment, the planet and people, and to publicise these through the effective use of social, print and other media.
  • To educate ourselves and others on the process and methods of policy-making at local and national levels and to explore how advocacy can best be employed in this regard.
  • To employ campaigning activities and advocacy to influence decision-makers at all levels in Ireland (local, regional, national) towards sustainable energy sources and uses.
  • To show good practice in governance of GEAI, including fund-raising, and to attract more active members.
  • To network and collaborate with other ENGOs and contribute through the Environmental Pillar to national policy-making.
  • To involve young people in Ireland and Europe in the activities of GEAI through participation in EU-funded Youth programmes and coordination of youth projects.

GEAI is an accredited organisation with the EU Erasmus+ Programme, hosts an EVS volunteer and coordinates a EU Youth Democracy project this year.   It will be expanding its youth work by engaging three volunteers in the autumn and organising youth exchanges.  GEAI is now turning its attention more on issues pertaining to Climate Change, Sustainable Energy and Earth Justice.  It recognises the need for a global initiative to support ways in which energy needs can be met by sustainable sources and practices.


GEAI is incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee with annual audited accounts.


Janice Raine Conick (raineconick@gmail.com)
Aedín McLoughlin (aedinmcloughlin@gmail.com)
Eddie Mitchell (eddiejmitchell@gmail.com)
Miriam Hennessy (miriamhennessy@eircom.net)
Olivia Mitchell (oliviambmitchell@gmail.com)
Brigitta Varadi (brigittavaradiart@gmail.com)
Lucy Maunsel (lucyman123@gmail.com)

Company Secretary – Eddie Mitchell

Accountant – Sean O’Reilly

It also has an Executive Committee, which includes the Directors as well as other members.
Chairperson – Janice Raine Conick
Vice-chairperson – Lucy Maunsel
Minutes Secretary – Liam Breslin
Treasurers – Aedín McLoughlin, Olivia Mitchell
Public Relations – Miriam Hennessy, Leslie O’Hora
Members: Tom White, Meg Rybicki, David Galazzi, Isabelle Leonard, Nicoletta Pantano, Brigitta Varadi

The Executive Committee meets every six weeks.  Sub-groups meet more often as required, e.g. Conference Sub-group; Financial Sub-group; Website Sub-group.

Membership of GEAI is being expanded.  Individual and Group membership application is invited from all interested (see Membership Policy).

GEAI holds an AGM annually.  The 2013 AGM was held on 23rd November.  All individual members and representatives of Group members can be nominated as members of the Executive Committee.  Election of members will take place at the AGM.

Members of GEAI with Deborah Rogers (Texas) at our annual conference in 2013

Members of GEAI with Deborah Rogers (Texas) at our annual conference in 2013

Back, L toR: Liam Breslin, Tom White, Aedín McLoughlin, Miriam Hennessy, Eddie Mitchell, Terry McDermott, Leslie O’Hora

Front: Sergii Marynkovskyi, Deborah Rogers, Brigitta Varadi



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