Youth against fracking

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Good Energies Youth is the youth led branch of GEAI. Good Energies Youth is open to young people between the ages of 10 and 25. Since 2011, members of Good Energies Youth have been involved in art, drama, music and rights based actions both in Ireland and further afield.  Up to now, its main actions have been involvement in the campaign to stop Fracking on the Island of Ireland.

  • Members of GEAI Youth take part in campaigns against fracking in Ireland and are also involved in other campaigns focussed on environmental issues, including global warming and climate change.
  • We are involved in activities to raise awareness of issues around human rights and getting the voice of young people heard at every level.
  • We get involved in wider EU issues through activities and youth exchanges that give us the confidence to address such issues.

IMG_0992Young people preparing to engage in EU Youth Democracy project

Talk about fracking

A video, “Talk about Fracking”, was directed by Brigitta Varadi (Director of GEAI), through Engage Artist Collective and produced using the original drawings and voices of Abbi and Leah Sweeney, young Leitrim people who wanted to get their message out. This video has been viewed globally and is used in schools when teachers want to introduce the subject of fracking:


Throughout the Northwest, there have been many events that included awareness-raising of fracking supported by young people. These include fairs, concerts, forum theatre performances and public meetings. Good Energies Youth members made posters, gave out leaflets, helped with hospitality, and participated in discussions.

Young boy Dualta at ALÂ Theatre Galway's performance (Cashel, Fermanagh)

Presentations on what fracking involves and the impacts on the environment and communities have been given to students in Leitrim, Sligo and Fermanagh. Lively discussions follow such presentations and many students are anxious to know more and to get involved in the campaign. Following one presentation, the students of one school submitted a project on Fracking to the Young Scientists Exhibition 2013.

European voluntary service (EVS)

GEAI has strong links with MARDI, an organisation which participates in the Youth in Action Programme and is accredited as an  “hosting organistion” with Leargas.  Through the European Voluntary Service (EVS), MARDI hosted a young French volunteer, Anaïs, for six months.  During her time in Ireland, Anaïs has become involved in the GEAI anti-fracking campaign in Ireland, North and South, as well as in organisation of local festivals, youth projects and cross-border Peace and Reconciliation events.

GEAI members say, Wellcome Anais!

GEAI is now independently accredited as a hosting organisation and at present (January 2014) hosts a young volunteer from Ukraine, Sergii Marynkovskyi.  He will be with us until June 2014.  We then plan to host two young volunteers for the following year.

Good Energies Youth is now established as an autonomous group. Members of the group are in the process of discussing and deciding its formal aims and objectives, as well as planning for the year ahead.

Interested in joining good energies youth?


More news SOON!

Manorhamilton Global frackdown

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