Sergii Marynkovskyi


SergiiSergii is an Ukrainian volunteer, who takes part in the European Volunteer Service project “Good Energies”. Good Energies Alliance Ireland is the coordinator of this project and hosts Sergii in Ireland. He is a Mining Engineer and he has a Master’s degree in drilling wells. Also Sergii has four years of work experience in the oil and gas industry. His skills are very useful in issue of raising objective public awareness of the process of shale gas extraction and hydraulic fracturing and their consequences.

Aims of the project

1. To raise public awareness of the process of shale gas extraction and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and their consequences through information and dialogue;
2. To lobby nationally and internationally for a ban on hydraulic fracturing until we are sure that it can be undertaken sustainably and will result in no environmental, social or economic harm;
3. To research and support ways in which our energy needs can be met by sustainable energy sources and practices;
4. By means of programmes and events, to raise the capacity of the group, involve young people in the activities of GEAI and support the personal development of members;
5. To use good community development practice to achieve all above aims.

Duties of the volunteer

With regard to the campaign to raise awareness of sustainable energy sources, the process of shale gas extraction and hydraulic fracturing, environmental and health issues arising from fracturing, he will:
• Assist with research; maintain an archive of material relevant to sustainable energy sources and shale gas extraction;
• Assist the GEAI team in maintaining their website and social media functions;
• Assist in the activities of a youth branch of the campaign (Good Energies Youth);
• Assist in the preparation of publicity materials;
• Help in organising 3 presentations and 1 conference on the Island of Ireland;
• Help in organising arts exhibitions in various venues in Ireland and N.Ireland;
• Be on the team when submissions to Government committees and representatives are made;
• Сontribute ideas and carry out work on his own initiative;
• Carry out a project of his choosing.

Terms of the project

The 3-year project “Good Energies” started on September 1st 2013.  In June 2014, Sergii will leave our team. We will start recruiting another volunteer or maybe, two volunteers in the beginning of April.

More information

If you are interested and you are under 26 years old you can apply for volunteering service to To get more information about our project, conditions of recruiting and volunteering, please, visit the website of European Commission. Sergii’s personal blog is also available for your attention. You can learn much more about the volunteer service in Ireland, in particular with Good Energies Alliance Ireland.


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