GEAI supports Leitrim County Council anti-fracking motion


Good Energies Alliance Ireland strongly supports the anti-fracking motion passed by Leitrim County Council by an overwhelming majority on Monday 11th. The motion, submitted by Mary Bohan (FF) calls for a “a vote of no confidence in the CDM Smith’s consortium of researchers appointed by the EPA to carry out the research programme in relation to fracking”.

CDM Smith is a pro-fracking organisation, involved with shale gas companies in Poland and Canada, the Irish Times revealed last month. The EPA-administered research opposed by the Council is led by CDM Smith. It will last for another year, with final reports due in September 2016. “The problem is that the research study is led by the industry, which is not qualified to do public health studies and whose findings would be suspect”. GEAI director Aedín McLoughlin said.

“We are delighted that this motion got such support by Leitrim County Council. It shows that the councillors are prepared to stand behind the ban on fracking they imposed last year and will not support an investigation of fracking that is carried out by a company with vested interests”, GEAI director said.

“This motion also called for research on fracking to be carried out by the Department of Health’s Chief Medical Officer”, McLoughlin said. “This should consist of an up-to-date and comprehensive review of the public health impacts of fracking. We have been asking for this since we know the truth about CDM Smith”, GEAI director stated.

New York State banned fracking after a review of the Public Health impacts of Fracking by the Department of Health, followed by consideration of the review and a full ban on fracking by New York State Governor Cuomo. “ We want the same in Ireland” Aedín McLoughlin concluded.

“Independent consultant” exposed as pro-fracking

Pro-fracking company, CDM Smith,is leading the research consortium asked to carry out research study on safety of fracking administered by EPA.  CDM Smith has been involved in the development of proposals for fracking in Poland and Ukraine and is a committed promoter of fracking in Europe. (via The Irish Times)

Link to Irish Times article:

GEAI calls for study of Public Health impacts of Fracking

GEAI members are very concerned about the recent revelations concerning the main contractor (CDM Smith Ireland) of the EPA-led research on Fracking, as published in an article by Ronan McGreevy in today’s Irish Times.

“The confirmation of strong links between CDM Smith and the oil and gas industry calls into question the independence of the researchers and the trustworthiness of any research results,” said Dr Aedín McLoughlin, spokesperson of GEAI.  “This research study was initially proposed to assist Government to make policy decisions about fracking in Ireland.  Instead what we have is a study led by a company engaged in promoting fracking in Europe and focussed on developing regulations that could enable the fracking industry to operate in Ireland.  There is no policy dimension at all in the study.

The main issues of concern to us all are the impacts of fracking operations – exploration and development – on Public Health.  The vast majority of submissions to the EPA concerning this research demanded a full study of such impacts and only lip service is currently being paid to those demands.

We now call on the Government to immediately commission a full study of the Public Health impacts of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction, led by the Public Health Division of the Department of Health and HSE, including a review of all peer-reviewed literature on the subject such as was carried out in New York State recently.  Such a study is vital to the development of policy on Fracking. ”


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