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Want to fight Fracking and Climate Change?

mckibbenmathtour2Find and join your nearest environmental group. There are many groups that are campaigning against Fracking, others that want to see the end of the fossil fuel era and promote renewable energy sources. GEAI does both.  Membership of GEAI is open to all like-minded souls, regardless of where you live. [Click HERE for membership policy.]

If there is no such group near you, think about starting a group of friends and start work.  Begin with your neighbours, your town or village, your local representatives.  Demand a stop to plans to introduce shale gas exploration and development.  Make your voices heard – every voice is HUGE.

Provide any help you can, according to your talents and ability: public speaking, photo taking, website work, writing to local media (letters to the editor, press releases), research, flyer distribution, poster-making (see picture!), donations.

Educate yourself so you can educate others. This is important. That loud voice will not be heard unless we spread the word. Industry would love nothing better than for our voices to be muted, and separate. Be willing to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Everyone against our reliance on fossil fuels and especially the use of shale gas needs to hear you, and you need to hear them.

Learn as much as you can, honestly admit you don’t master all the data, but are following your heart and instincts. Remember: there is nothing wrong in being emotional about the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat.  Not to mind the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, global warming and extreme weather!

Connect with other groups, and stay connected. Brainstorm and share your ideas. Often the stupidest ideas inspire great change

Share information and your heart. The oil and gas industry, regulators and governments around the world are manipulating the people with bribes, impossible promises of jobs and riches, and keeping too many secrets. Don’t let industry, our government and regulators divide your community and family!

Talk to your children and their teachers. Our youth are inheriting a sinister legacy from Fracking and the burning of fossil fuels in general. The cumulative environmental and socio-economic impacts are frightening!  Rather than extracting new sources of gas, we should be leaving most of what is already discovered IN THE GROUND if we are to keep global warming below a 2 degree rise.

Demand that your local authority and national government choose wise policies of promoting renewable energy and turn away from the myth of shale gas riches.  Demand that they keep water, communities and families safe. If communities across Ireland demand this, industry can’t ignore it. Make clean energy an election issue, at all levels!



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